A Great Webmaster Radio Episode

As it’s Thursday I once again had the privilege of speaking with veteran SEO and all-round great guy Jim Hedger on Webmaster Radio. Today we had the opportunity to discuss some news including the reopening of DMOZ for submissions. A great piece of news for the SEO industry. We also discussed an interesting competition being held by Microsoft and AMD to “celebrate” the launch of Windows Vista. The competition is solving some puzzles (difficult) but more interesting than that is the top prize: a trip into space. How awesome is that?

You can register at http://www.vanishingpointgame.com/. Since it costs absolutely nothing to make this request I will: When you do so I’d like to ask that you fill in dave@beanstalkim.com in the referrer field. I’ll get an extra 20 points if you do (to a maximum of 200 points). This doesn’t reduce your chances of winning, it just increases mine. 🙂 I’d really like a trip into space (how cool would my kids think I am then … might even make up for working on a computer all day 😉

Even better than the contest were our guests today though. On the show we had Jeffrey Rohrs, author of The Sausage Manifesto. I first discussed this work back on January 4th when I found an article about it on the SearchEngineWatch.com website. Today I had the privilege of speaking with it’s author and what a great discussion it was. He discussed the hurdles the engines are up against in combating click fraud, how one of the biggest areas they need to address is customer service, and a number of other great point. The link to the episode will follow at the bottom of the post so you can give it a listen. Before doing so I highly recommend reading it at http://www.sausagemanifesto.com/.

We also had on Becky Ryan speaking about MyBlogLog.com. A great service and networking resource to help professional meet and exchange information quickly and easily. I’ve recently become a member (December 13th) but have really only started using it over the past couple days. If any of you join feel free to add user “beanstalk” to your community. 🙂 Hope to see you there.

And for those of you interested in listening to the full news and interviews, today’s episode should be up on the WebmasterRadio site tomorrow.

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