A Great Product – At A Great Price (Free :)

As someone who’s used and tested a click fraud detection and tracking system called PPC Assurance I received an email earlier from their CEO with a special offer. The offer was for a free trial of their full system which was just completed. Rather than summarize I’ll just copy-and-paste the email information. But first, you may want to read a bit about PPC Assurance to get an idea about what it is. We’ve got a short write-up on our PPC Engines page.

But what’s the offer? Here’s what I got in my email:

We’re offering you a FREE TRIAL of our full PPC Assurance reporting service until December 14, provided you sign-up by November 2. Once the trial is over, you’ll also get the discounted price we’re offering for future months!

The faster you sign up, the faster you’ll get your PPC campaigns audited and your money back for any bad clicks! If you choose to cancel, email us before December 14, and we won’t bill you on December 1. It’s that simple.

Sign up today, for your FREE Trial on PPC Assurance at http://ppcassurance.enquisite.com/couponcode.html (resource removed), sign in, sign-up, and you’re off!

On the payment information page (specifically the credit card entry screen) enter the coupon code “ENQ-1102”. The purchase process will only accept that code or an empty coupon box.

This tool is highly recommended for anyone running a PPC campaign. From the day I first got a look at it in San Jose when I was sitting on a panel with Richard Zwicky I was impressed, I have since recommended it to clients and will extend that recommendation on to you. And let’s face facts, … the price is right. 🙂

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