A Great Article …

There’s a very interesting article posted on the PBS website on where Google is going with their technology purchased and product development. While I wouldn’t necessarily agree with all the conclusions the author, Robert X. Cringely did I believe it gives a great analysis of what Google’s up to and if nothing else, it certainly plants the seeds of what could be.

So why is this gossip about Google important to the SEO? As I’ve written many times, understanding where Google’s headed will give us SEO’s, webmasters, and business people looking to optimize their own sites the advantage of understanding or at least questioning where Google will be months and years from now. Understanding this will give us the ability to more accurately predict how we will be able to market sites online through natural search and otherwise when that time comes.

This article falls into our “recommended reading” category for all but the black-hat SEO’s. It won’t teach you the tricks but it will make you think about what’s coming. You can read the article on the PBS website at http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20051117.html.

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