A Good Article

There’s a good article posted on WebPronews by SEO John Krycek of TheMouseWorks.

The article, titled “Keywords, Competition And Being Number One” outlines many strategies involved with improving your rankings and beating our those who hold top positions. One this I really liked about the article is that it places, correctly, a good deal of weight on the keyword selection and competition analysis. Truly very important steps that are often given only minimal weight.

The only real point I would argue from the article comes near the very end where he writes, “Don’t ever believe anyone who says they can guarantee any kind of results.” If there are 10 results in the top 10 and one understands that factors involved with getting there then it’s a matter of doing what the sites there have done and then a bit more. But of course I may be biased as at Beanstalk we offer guaranteed services.

You can read the article in full on the WebProNews website here.

If this article is of interest to you then you may also be interested in the recently published Beanstalk articles on competition analysis. You can find the article on onsite factor analysis here and the article on external and link factors here.

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