A Free SEO Tool

On an almost daily basis I get emails from people asking me to review this SEO tool or that or take a peek at this article or what not. As our regular blog readers will know, I’ve spared you the majority of them and for good reason. I try to only include reviews of the tools and information I either will use or like but might not use (for example, tools geared towards people new to SEO that I feel would have been helpful about 8 years ago when I was getting my start but that might not be as helpful now that I already use about a dozen tools and Firefox extensions. 🙂

That said, I generally give them a peek to make sure I’m not missing a gem.

Today I got an email from Sam who wanted me to take a peek at his new tool at ReviewMyWeb.com. It’s a comparison tool that looks at a number of factors comparing your site and 2 of your competitors. I gave it a peek and for someone new to SEO and looking for some pointers on areas they need to address – it’s a pretty good tool indeed (and the price is certainly right – can’t argue with free).

So kudos to Sam for developing a neat tool. It’s probably won’t make my personal must use list only because the information it provides is redundant to a lot of the tools I already use BUT for those of you reading this post – you should give it a peek. It may provide some info you don’t already collect or have tools for. You can find it on their site at http://www.reviewmyweb.com/.

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