A Couple SEO Tools

Well, we told you yesterday that if you came back today we’d post a couple new SEO tools that we’ve found and so we will. 🙂

One of these tools can be found on the Digital Point website at http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/. This tool accesses both the WordTracker and Overture databases to get an easy way to compare the two sets of data. It also allows you to specify what region you’re checking for so that you can (if desired) have the Overture data drawn from the appropriate database. We’ve always compared the two sets of results when selecting keywords, this just makes it a lot quicker.

Another cool SEO tool that we’ve found is a PageRank prediction tool put out by iWebTools.com and can be found on their site at http://www.iwebtool.com/pagerank_prediction. This tool predicts (not to be confused with “tells” as it’s not 100% accurate) what your PageRank will be after then next update. There are other PageRank Prediction tools out there however this one, based on how it’s drawing it’s conclusions, seems the most accurate.

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