A Big Thanks To W3 EDGE Web Design

This SEO blog post will focus more on a thanks than news though if you’re in need of a website designer who definitely knows their stuff then read on as my recommendations at the end of this post will be extremely helpful in that you’ll get to avoid so serious issues.

To begin with, we at Beanstalk would like to pass our thanks to W3 EDGE Web Design out of Boston for work above-and-beyond the call of duty for both Beanstalk and for the mutual clients we share with W3. Over the past months they have impressed us with the following:

  • Excellent design. W3 EDGE redesigned the Beanstalk site. Unfortunately, the cobbler has no shoes and we have not yet been able to afford the time to fully convert our site to the new design however the site is extremely clean, professional and conveys exactly what we want to our visitors. Finger’s cross it will be launching early next week.
  • Excellent support. The team over at W3 EDGE have provided for our clients and theirs an extraordinary level of support, answering questions well and providing detailed instructions and telephone support helping our clients get what they need quickly and efficiently.
  • Excellent team. Normally I recommend that each business stick to their strengths. It’s why we at Beanstalk don’t offer web design. We’re excellent at SEO and so that’s what we do. Well the team at W3 can’t afford that same luxury with requests for large scale website design, CMS systems, software development, etc. all coming to them as part of a single project. Without exception they have provided top-level service and product delivery in everything from database and CMS development to search engine friendly, W3C-compliant web design.
  • Excellent pricing. Like Beanstalk, they’re not the cheapest firm on the block but as too many of us have had to find out the hard way, you get what you pay for. They may not be the cheapest designers on the planet but from a cost vs. deliverables perspective they are without a doubt the best value we have found. And thus we’ve had them do our site and a new site for Total Optimizer Pro (now owned by Beanstalk) which is just being completed on our end and will be launching in the next couple days.

And so once more I’ll say, thank you to W3 EDGE Web Design. It’s a pleasure to work with a company that knows what they’re doing and delivers what they say. Without question, they are one of the leaders in their craft and have provided great service to us and our clients.

The promised recommendation: if you’re in need of business web design, development or just consulting contact W3 EDGE. You won’t be disappointed. I don’t normally make recommendations such as this on the Beanstalk blog however when one is given excellent service, it should be rewarded and for some odd reason web designers aren’t in a craft that receives tips. 🙂

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