50% Off Best Of The Web

Best Of The Web, one of my personal favorite directories, is offering 50% off listings for today only (that’s Monday the 22nd of April).  To get the deal all you need to do is use the promo code PRO50 when you visit their site http://www.botw.org/.

Here are a couple reasons I’ve always liked BOTW as one of the very general directories I submit to:

  • They’ve been around for ages.  They started in 1994 making them the oldest decent directory on the web (even older than the Yahoo! Directory).
  • Over all those years they’ve held their PageRank and users’ respect.  No small feat these days.
  • They’ll say “no”.  If your site sucks, they’ll turn you down so make sure it’s decent before you submit.
  • They’re reasonably priced.  An annual listing is $149 and if you decide to pay their one-time fee it’s just $299.  Essentially, for the same price you’d get a year at Yahoo! you’ll get a permanent listing on BOTW (unless you take advantage of the 50% off in which case it’s half the price and still permanent.

And following my own lead, I’ve currently got one of our staff checking all our newer clients for listings and if they don’t have one yet, we’ll be submitting them today.  Hey, you can’t beat 50% off. 🙂

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