100 Shows Of Webcology

Today celebrates the 100th show of Webcology for Jim Hedger and I over on WebmasterRadio.fm. Aside from reflecting back on 100 great hours of *fun* Jim and I discussed the situation in Haiti covering the plea for donations, my personal plea to our governments to not forget about the situation there as soon as something new and shiny crosser our collective paths. They were already the poorest country in the western hemisphere with 80% poverty rate earning $2/day (and no – that’s NOT a typo … $2).

We then went on to discuss another light-hearted topic, Google threatening China to provide uncensored search results after attempts to hack information from Google’s Gmail system were detected. These efforts are reported to be Chinese government authorized efforts to secure information on humanitarian advocates. It ended up being an interesting debate (and Jim and I often have) with me arguing that Google has no right to provided uncensored results BUT they do have the right to pull out. Basically – while I’m a humanitarian – I wouldn’t let a company or government body impose their will on my country and thus, I cannot expect others to do the same. They may be able to run a marijuana cafe in Amsterdam but they can’t argue that since it’s OK there – they should be able to open on up in downtown Dallas.

I may not agree with what the Chinese government is doing however our actions are limited to UN, Amnesty International, etc. efforts. We can’t just disobey the law in a foreign country. And so the argument continued. Basically though we both agree – Google needs to just pull out to protect their data and interests.

After that fun discussion we went on to reflecting back on the highlights of the last 100 shows from our 10-part series with WebProNews on Internet Marketing (which we’ve decided to update) to the SEO trademark lunacy and much much more. It was a great show and I highly recommend downloading the podcast at http://www2.webmasterradio.fm/webcology/ when it’s available later today.

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