How To Default To Google US Results

Default to

For anyone residing outside the US or Americans traveling abroad you’ll know the frustration of trying to get US-based Google search results on the fly.  A visit to will redirect to the country you are in and even clicking the “Use” in the bottom right switches only for the current session and the next time you visit Google you have to do it all again.  And what’s worse, even if you do this you’re probably looking at results that don’t quite match up to what you would actually see if you were searching Google from within the US.  Well today we have a fun little workaround for you to help end this frustration without the need for proxies or even browser add-ons.

  • Step One: Go to
  • Step Two: Click the link “Use” in the bottom left.The URL in your address bar will now look something like:
  • Step Three: Tell Google to use US results.To do this you will need to add two addition parameters to the URL.  They are bolded below and the resulting URL would look like:

    What we’ve added is:

    gl=us – this tells Google that the Geographic Location equals the United States
    q=somequery – the defaulting doesn’t seem to hold as reliably without a query so we simply need to add a default searched query.  I recommend something that won’t impact search volume data you’re mmonitoring but something you’d be interested in.  For me it might be the Blue Jays or Vancouver Canucks.  You can obviously pick what you like. 🙂

  • Step Four: Make this URL a Bookmark or your homepage

That’s it.  You’re now seeing Google US results on without having to deal with switching each time only to get unreliable rankings.

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