YouTube To Launch 360 Video View

360It looks like YouTube’s coolness factor is going up. YouTube will be adding 360 degree clips shot with special cameras like the Kodak Pixpro SP360.

This style of film will be perfect for the internet influencer who focuses on action videos like extreme sports or even action news coverage. Hold on, it just gets better. 360 video development has virtual reality headset in mind. Imagine using the headset to virtually walk through the streets of Barcelona or experience the 360 view from Toney Hawk’s helmet. This is on it’s way

Without a VR goggles the simple side to side movement of your tablet will help you view the video in the direction of choice. At this point it’s not sure if the 360 platform will work on the desktop PC.

Can you imagine how cool this would be for digital marketing in different sectors like outdoor travel and adventure tours. Can you imagine going down a white water tour and seeing it through a 360 view video? That would  be an instant win for top shareable content on the web. I personally don’t think this will be a short term gimmick but one that will last a while.



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