YouTube is Loco over Logos

If you’re sponsored by another company YouTube wants a cut of what you’re making. YouTube no longer allows Logos for paid product placement. I know of many social start-ups that voluntarily promote brands in hope to make a dollar from future product placement. Large companies have been using digital influence to promote their products and simply YouTube has notice the amount of profit they are missing.

What is Allowed and What Isn’t Allowed?

Sponsor logos, branding and graphical title cards are not allowed. For info on Paid Product placement regulations click here.

An example for YouTube’s Brand sponsorship would be:

YouTube currently makes 45% generated revenue from pre-rolled adds as well as a cut from sponsored ads. This might hurt the social start-up that is working to create future revenue from a hopeful sponsorship. Fresh social start-ups will like always have to be inventive and work harder to show branded companies that they are a worthy influence and worth the cost to advertise through them.

How much do I charge for video sponsorship? The video below will help explain but make sure you tack on extra for the cut Google will take.

Be careful because if you step on Google’s toes with brand placement they strictly state this…….

google eats

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