Twitter and Facebook Update – Help you get seen

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I see you! Well,,,,,, Sort of

Let’s face it the internet is huge and grows even bigger day. Published content can get lost and often not even be seen. The same happens on social platforms like on Facebook or Twitter content just gets pushed out and may never get seen. These companies are always looking at new way to help bring that content to the reader or spend time and money to adjust the algorithm to get it to you.

Twitter released in a blog post today how they aim to do that. They mentioned in an article today that they are experimenting with multiple products. You may see a collection of pages that are shared by influencers and brands. This will make it easier to browse content that influencers you care about to be seen on your Twitter stream. Examples are

Nike: LeBron Elite Collection
Target: Swim Sun Ready

To read more on how Twitter is building out this algorithm read here

Facebook is trying to create more interest for content promoting by using Author tags. Although it’s a practice that should be already implemented not many people use it. By adding an additional line of author code to the header will allow Facebook to know who to give authorship of the published article to. Then all the author needs to do is go to their Facebook profile and make sure “follow” is turned on. This will help bring more credibility to the author or journalist as well as get the author seen.

To read more on FB authorship tag click here

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