The Elephant Beneath My Feet

Using social media as a way to generate strategy and effective business plays a mighty role in our digital world. Many clients are concerned with how the big brand names are stuffing smaller labels under their feet by pushing them to the next page on Google. We should recognize that social media is here for a reason and can be harnessed to drive sales and traffic to the smaller label. The benefits of harnessing social media range from generating long lasting impressions, creating community and relationships and also connecting to clients. Dave Davies had mentioned that at the end of the day it’s creating traffic and making that decent pay check.

How do I generate long lasting impressions with social media?

In early 2010 Blendtec, one of the leading blender companies, used shock-com marketing to create long lasting impressions. The “Will it Blend” You Tube series used everything from an iPad to iPhone and blended it up. Owning an iPad at the time was a must have, but throwing it in the blender was inconceivable. Why would anybody do that? Blendtec did and it clearly showed that it could pulverize. It also created an impression that was virally shared, counting beyond the millions and bringing home economic growth. This type of campaigning has been around for centuries, like how Edison electrocuted an elephant as a propaganda campaign against Tesla. We all know how that worked for Edison. The truth is, we don’t have to go as far as electrocuting an elephant, but we can use this technique to conquer the elephant (Box Stores) with an internet impression.

When business enters the digital world it doesn’t mean you toss out old school networking ideals. When a brick and mortar business opens its door for the first time it focuses on its community and begins to build relationships within it. This connects their store and ensures credibility for their products as well as service. If a small business is accepted well within its own community people begin to speak highly of it. Word of mouth can have a positive impact or a negative impact, but it can happen fast. When a website connects with their clients using social media they gain credibility, and if that client is happy it’s easy enough to hit that share button. This kind of word of mouth happens at a relatively faster pace, with an even larger number of people reached. You can now take hundreds of individuals and focus that feeling of being personally catered to. All this can be a benefit by giving the small brand a voice in its community and avoid being crushed by the popular giant.

Big corporate companies don’t have to rid the local mom and pop store in regards to penguin and panda. It’s about playing smart and using the same techniques that were used in the days before the internet. Be personable when creating a community and relationships, but also never fear going out of your comfort zone to create a long lasting impression. Develop that traffic, spike that interest and make that decent check at the end of the day. Soon enough your presence will strengthen and you will hold that elephant beneath your foot.

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