Social Media Tips For Public Demonstrations

David Mackenzie-KongIf you plan to hold a ( Political or Non-political ) demonstration it helps to know what social media/Digital platforms are best to implement. You still have to market your interests but you also need to get your word out.


Facebook can still be helpful when trying to rally an audience or attendance to your public demonstration.

Having a well laid out FB page is crucial and don’t forget to have the call to action button set up. When you have one attendees over it’s important to direct them to the call of action. Doing this allows you to direct them back to your site and have them fill out crucial info so you can add them to a newsletter but also encourage them to head out to the demonstration.

Pay to play on Facebook. When marketing to a  local connection you really don’t have to spend much on advertising and if done well I’ve seen many succeed on $5. It depends on the campaign but you will find this helps get your feed in front of the people that matter.


I’m all about Twitter advertising when It comes to Demonstrations. It’s a different ballgame though. This is where  influence marketing  is handy make sure your onsite content and a blogging strategy set up. Don’t do what you would do on Facebook on Twitter. Use this as a networking focused opportunity and involve whoever influences your interests. Get your content up and out there frequently mentioning big players.

Periscope or Facebook Live Streaming

Great things can happen at ground zero. Using live streaming video can bring the audience to you. It’s a great device to use for crowd sourcing as well as audience development. Involve Twitter so you can answer questions live on Periscope. There are so many creative ways to use this. If you have a public personality and the have a Facebook mentions account involve them to do some live streaming for their audience.


Make sure on your site that you add event schema to you home page. This will give Google robots the direction they need to display your event in search.

Add Author schema to your blog as well as Person. If you include proper topic and keyword you can SERP market your content and get it indexed and in front of their audience.



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