Social Media and The Pursuit of Happiness

Illustration of kids team, in cartoon style and sketch, vector illustration

Social media is a powerful platform and can be used to make a positive impact. Social media isn’t for everybody but it’s turning out the majority are using it. It has the potential to connect you with the world and at the same time promote empathy on subjects that have been over looked.

Social media is a narcissistic society where we often only talk about ourselves. Through this ego driven content we become open to each other where we can test thoughts and behaviors in a digital social setting. We may receive positive or negative responses that could potentially form our daily perceptions. Because of this our society has been evolving faster creating a social impact.

We can see this happening through the social response to the confederate flag to gay marriage. Many great things have been achieved through digital social connection and for the better. Political views change overnight as well, relationships are easily created as they are destroyed. It is our responsibility to pursue humanity from a positive perspective and allow ourselves to speak up for our own personal pursuits. This will continue to evolve society faster than we have ever seen it before.

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