Speak Up Little Bird – Social Media Booster

Blue bird is shouting through a megaphone on the planet. Contains EPS10 and high-resolution JPEG

Blue bird is shouting through a megaphone on the planet. Contains EPS10 and high-resolution JPEG

The louder they can hear you roar the better your opportunity is for ranking. It’s becoming more apparent that social signal does impact your search engine rankings. Social signals also helps legitimize your content that you publish and help give the matrix a sense of ownership and authority.
Although from 2014 the info-graphic from Neil Patel helps explain how these signals impact search rankings but also how to best utilize social media to take advantage of these opportunities. It use to be that social media was considered a nuisance and that it took too much time. Now, it’s proving that it does make an impact if the game is played properly. I would definitely consider having a quick look at Neil’s info-graphic you may not need convincing after.

Let’s not neglect how multiple integrated media sources can also help affect your rankings. It may feel that we’re a plugged- in society only caring about the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube but the truth is we need to consider a wider spectrum outside the box. Make sure that you incorporate your ads with external publications such as radio, magazines and newspapers. I know that it’s easy to think that these platforms are a dying breed but they truly are not. Just like any company they have a webmaster and a marketing group. In fact they have a very active digital marketing team and can be worth your money when trying to boost your social signal.

Forums? Reddit and comments? Yup do it well without spammy intentions and you could see these platforms actively spread your content around the globe. In fact these can be powerful and help raise your overall signal as well as traffic. If you have your onsite content tweeked right you may also see time on site increase as well as  traffic not bounce off too bad.

Go out into the world and make some noise not too much and definitely without being obnoxious. Choose your social platforms wisely and definitely think don’t hesitate looking at other sources of media to help boost your signal.

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