Store Front Business and Social Media Work Together

Lachende Gruppe spielt mit ihren Handys im Restaurant

Look at those clients enjoy a coffee and social media

If you’re a local store front, social media can be very powerful expanding your foot and digital traffic. External advertising can be expensive and all a store front needs is that extra dollar looming over their head on top of the rent. Here are some fun simple campaigns that could help give you and your store that extra boost.

Sandwich #Board
This one is my favorite and I’ve shared this with local cafes , book shops and ice-cream shops.
Let’s use a café for an example:
Create a branded hash tag for that day such as #TuesdayTreats
On your sandwich board let people know that if they take a picture of their favorite treat from your store and use “My favorite #TuesdayTreat #VictoriaBC @DonnasDiner” You will get an automatic 10% off your purchase.

What this will do is catch perspective clients who walk by but also those on Instagram or Twitter. The Key here is always making sure you use the handle and # location you are in. You would be surprised at how many people Search the local #.

We are all visual people when it comes to social media. It’s simply more fun when we share pictures and videos. Use products that your company is well known for or (one that you would like to give a boost to) for and go around your local town and take pictures at certain landmarks. Then have your fans answer on your feed using the #of the locations they are in. If they correctly name all landmarks they will receive a discount on those products and added to a contest draw.
This kind of contest is fun but it also is a great way to receive association with local landmarks and local regions. For this type of contest outline I would promote on Facebook using their defined demographic target on the local area in a sponsored post.

Telephone post scavenger hunt
If you’re in a city or small town you can print out a hand full of various of telephone posters. Make sure that those posters explain what the campaign is all about. Ask customers once they have found each poster to take pictures of them and tweet, Instagram and post the pictures on your Facebook page. Once again you’re socially targeting local areas by having them use #Freebeer @TopsPub #VictoriaBC #ScavHunt but you are also generating a buzz. This would be a perfect campaign for a pub during a music festival or convention.


Creativity will get you everywhere but keep in mind to think strategically. Make sure you focus on local do your research on top local # and you target the right demographic. Use posters and signs to along your storefront to really catch people’s attention. Make sure you give an incentive. An Incentive is necessary when you want people to participate. Advertise on Facebook and Twitter to target local competition and locations when boosting an ad. Make sure your social ads are visual and grab attention. Go out and have fun because social media really can bring that foot traffic and digital traffic through your door.

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