The Rise of the Emoji

The Rise of the Emojis. Creative emoji use is on the rise and it’s proving to have positive effects on social crowds. Emojies help create emotion around a particular post but also help provide solid engagement on posts. More people seem to engage with posts if an emoji is added to it. Why not create branded emojis to gain social traction and advertisement. We all know that social media users are the best marketing machine. Brands have been on to this and successfully added them to their campaigns including Star Wars, Oreo and The World Wildlife Fund seeing optimal return of investment.




The World Wildlife Fund released #EndangeredEmoji just yesterday and has exploded in the Twitter universe. If not raising funds it sure is keeping the WWF brand in front of an audience.




star wars

Star Wars was one of my favorites this year creating its own tweetable star wars emojis . By using #c3po #Stormtrooper and #BB8 created cool little star wars faces on your tweet. The day this was released Millions of Tweets took over Twitter to celebrate the upcoming release of The Force Awakens.





Oreo used Twitter and brought it into real life by creating a 3D printer that printed out emojis used in Tweets. This Year SXSW #EatTheTweet oreo campaign was worth its weight in gold for advertising and social media engagement.





I’m sure Emoji use will have a short life span but may as well use it while it’s good and room for lots of creativity.

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