Periscope The Cutting Edge Of Social Media

Periscope is a live streaming Mobile App that is rapidly growing internationally. Many people are hesitant about using this real time video app because what you film, you film live from where you are on location. Companies such as Red Bull use it for live stunt footage, Strava, Verizon and more are quick to use this mostly for questions and answers.

I’ve suggested this app for live contest announcements to activity footage. I can foresee fashion outlets and music industries using this to announce new products for the first time.Hollywood premiers sharing will be sharing the red carpet with the rest of the world.

Social journalism is on the rise and this type of app will open the door to a new wave of news broadcasting; finally bridging the widening media gap between source and social media fans.

This is a social media platform that I think is diverse enough for many different brands to use. At the same time it also connects companies to their audience, creating a closer relationship and will be at the front lines of news casting. Definitely look at the benefits and think of using this in your future social media strategy.

Periscope connects social media users with live time video.

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