Optimization and Social Media Work Hand in Hand

friendsSocial media is a great traffic driver if done right but if your site isn’t optimized properly then you could be wasting your money. It’s common these days to have companies dish out loads of coin on content marketing and social media strategy but still see no results. When I say results I mean profit or Return on Investment.

You can make traffic knock on your door but if your door isn’t mobile friendly or the call to action button is misplaced then just fold it in. Social media and content marketing relies on onsite optimization in order to see results.

The number one objective before laying out any social media and content campaign is make sure your site is mobile friendly. It’s simple: these platforms are made for mobile use and 9 times out of 10 the traffic coming from these platforms are driven to from mobile. If these people are at your door step squinting at your content then you will more likely see them bounce right out of there.

Secondly. make sure both your desktop and mobile site landing pages are optimized for the best click through rate. I always send people to Tim Ash CEO from SiteTuners to learn more about how to do it right. My favorite quote from Tim is “Conversion Rate Optimization is the art and science of getting people to act once they arrive on your website”.

Keeping this short – it’s important to be sure your that your landing page is optimized for the desktop and definitely for mobile before making a strong social media campaign. Be certain that this is done to make the most of your ROI.

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