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Today companies are doing the craziest things to help get there content viral. The truth is it doesn’t take a kings fortune and pretty detail to catch the attention of a mass audience. According to Kevin Allocca from YouTube there are three things that help with that. Tastemakers, Communities and unexpectedness are direct players in helping to get your content out there. You will notice in the video posted below that most these videos aren’t pretty and definitely out there.
What the Heck is a Tastemaker well in simple form it’s an influence (Big Data or Persona) that introduces your content to their group or community

I won’t bother explaining what a community is (If you don’t know what a community is just Google it) but rather move onto unexpectedness. I love unexpectedness because it embodies the element of surprise but it also gives your mind say WTF. The WTF is usually attached to an emotion, I preferably like to stay on a more positive emotion to gain interest but there is content created just to get you riled up to spread the content. Trust me FOX news and CNN tend to do a really good job at that.

Down to earth content tend to reach real people way better than the blinged out content. The community of who your content is targeted to needs to be assessed. A marketing hero of mine Marty Weintraub explains the tool of how to achieve this with his article on Psychographics. This will help you asses your next step. Read his article here.

One of my favorite speakers out there that takes a very similar point of view is Jay Baer. He states how to incorporate being real into your company. Incorporate company reality and social content into your business by allowing your clients/ audience to help out with the content. There really is no harm in it. Check out how Jay explains how the Hilton Company did just that.

From dads singing in the car with his daughter to girlfriend getting down to Salt-N- Pepper while her boyfriend secretly films her brings great social response.

Remember that film The Blair Witch Project? That movie did phenomenal and with very little overhead. I was scared after watching that movie. This real type production speaks to us and gives the viewer or reader a sense of connection.

When it comes to producing content on the social front my suggestion is to try to make it as real as possible. Down to earth content will give you the deliverable you want. One way to achieve this is to create programs where your most influential viewer create content for you. Whether it’s writing, filming or blogging they will definitely bring you that connectivity most businesses try too hard to achieve. Ford utilized this when launching the “Fiesta” by hiring bloggers to get a real-time experience while driving the Ford Fiesta. The outcome was phenomenal

Jeff Bullas can quickly help sum up my thought for you in his blog on viral content. I highly suggest reading this blog on 7 key elements for Viral Content. Like Jeff says in the blog “There’s no need to pretty your product up or fake your viewers out”.

Get out there and be real about it and you might begin to see your content work for you.

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