It’s Not Just Digital

As Google becomes more human so does our work. The ultimate algorithm Google is aspiring for is to be more like us or at least how we think, feel and react. Because this is clearly the direction of the all mighty search engine it really should be where we place our attention when it comes to content and publishing.

Think outside the box and bring the content back to the simple art of networking and communication. The more Google becomes humanly android the better it will be to understand how we psychologically want and need things most importantly when we want things. Almost the perfect partner but not really.

It’s the classic story of machine and man. Heart and no heart and the ability to understand how human emotions can create an inability to be the perfect equation. What I mean is that at the end of the day Google will be  that person trying to decide if it’s the red or green wire to cut in order to disarm a bomb. There is no perfect answer if the bomb will stop by cutting the red or green wire. Google will never be perfect but it will have a good idea how to be.

With that said, Instead of looking at various numbers and formulas to understand how google will search our content we should humanize it. We need to add a psychological revenue to the content that we create. Psychological revenue is understanding the the ebb and flow of the audience. When and where do they go on the net in comparison to the time and space of their emotional thinking.

I don’t dismiss the use of numbers completely but as we grow we will be able to use Google’s analytic and apply them to how humans think and feel. Looking for comparisons in those numbers and apply them to human tone evaluation. Taking this and referral data we will be able to chart out timing and emotional value of the content we produce.

It’s no small wonder that we want a machine that thinks like us.


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