Get Results! Facebook Boosting Tips


To Boost my Facebook Post or Not To Boost?

We all know by now that Facebook has reduced organic reach for business pages. Many who have originally used Facebook as a launching platform for their businesses are frustrated and still not sure what to do. The common problem is that they are boosting content yet not seeing result. When you are spending money on promoting your post, it makes good sense to know what content is the right content to boost. Here are some Facebook boosting tips.

Resourceful content is still some of the best content out there but who you get it to is decided where you publish it to.

Let’s say you wrote some resourceful content but more likely it’s close to the same topic the people that like your page are used to. Use this opportunity to reach out to people by boosting it by people you choose through targeting.


You can use terms that are relevant to your content. Locations, interests and age are all the immediate goodies. In this picture chunk of the blog audience have interests in health and holistic but also engage the most with the movie Forks over Knives. So you can add everything from magazines to pop culture.

If targeted well you have control and in fact better control then when Facebook was serving organic traffic.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on getting your boosted post out. I always encourage starting off small then if you see interest then, at any time you can add more to your purse or even cancel it.


Don’t feel you have to put all your chips on the table especially when you are testing your content. Social Media is still about being social and the best way to tap into your audience interests for content is by simply engaging. Do events that place you in front of them in conversation.

The other tip is don’t just rely on one Social platform there are many. Choose which one works well for you and gives you the best return of investment.

A social media platform that everybody says they hate but actually really love.

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