Fitness for your Business

Nerd ExercisingStaying active is a great way to stay healthy as we all know and the same can be said for your online presence. One of the best ways to build up your followers, clients and influence is simply by staying active online. When people see you being active it helps not only by getting you in front of your audience more regularly but it also adds to your authority and presents you as a business that is actively engaging and constantly providing information to its visitors.

There’s a reason that we know the businesses that we do and that is mostly due to the fact that they are on our radar more often than the other businesses who are less active with their advertising and outreach efforts. Part of this is brand recognition as we all know but another big part of it is authority that has been built via having a consistent and interesting or helpful online presence. In fact, it’s important to integrate both of these areas when you are posting to your social media profiles in order to engage your users both as a trusted resource as well as just a great place to find something that will make you smile. These sorts of posts are often the most shared as well so that’s a bonus for your business! It’s not always about the sales pitch or the booking or the information resource, it can also just be about being an enjoyable experience for the online viewer.

If you were to follow a business and all you ever saw from them was their product or services you would soon lose interest and most likely tune it out after a while however if that same business offered information on topics that would be of interest or entertaining to you, you would be more likely to take a look when their posts entered your newsfeed. Creating a balance between the sale and the visitor experience is key and it’s important to view both to be equally beneficial. A happy and engaged online visitor will share your posts and will view you more positively than a business that does not regularly engage via social media and blog posting. Stay active online and your business is sure to see the positive results. It’s a little like an apple a day for your business 🙂

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