Tips on Magnifying Your Digital Activism

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Activism is about being heard. Here is a checklist of digital marketing tips to help your voice be heard.

Get yourself a blog make sure your get educational content out there and help others understand what your activism is about and why you are actively trying to make a difference.
Activism is about community and you need to show how strong your community is. Highlight and interview people and companies that back your cause. Cooperate with them to continue the conversation in their digital world.

Being seen and connecting is often easier to do with video. It’s proven that more videos are clicked on Facebook more often than written content. It grabs attention to get that click through and is more likely to get shared. This is a big reason why Twitter has added Video to their publication. Vlogging is very much the direction many activist should take especially when publicly presenting.

People like to feel connected and they are more likely going to feel connected over video than they would with written content. Think about using Google hangouts or other forms of live video sessions. You can connect with others internationally who may be fighting for the same cause. Just think of adding their audience with yours now you are even stronger. Video is a direct call to action for digital activism.

This platform is great with connecting with others in the same cause. This is great for professional outreach and influence marketing.

I like this platform for pummeling education for a cause. I know your can’t be physically be tweeting every minute but this is why they have content schedulers out there. Hootsuite , Tweetdeck and Sprout Social are to name a few. Even Facebook lets you schedule content.

A trick before doing this is to have a branded hash tag to go along with your tweets. Make your content simple yet educational. Target handles that matter most that can make the most impact.

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn
You need to tackle every nook and cranny out in the universe. If you have a content schedule and a handy content scheduler you can easily monitor all your profiles. Create groups and communities and all three of the platforms have them. Make it a place to monitor the conversation and create new conversation. Make sure with Facebook and Google you check-in to locations when applying pictures or simple content.

Google + you can add locations to google maps with your pictures and anytime somebody checks in or is in that location will see your material. Make your mark.

Pictures can be stronger than words and make the most impact. Your onsite social crew can easily use their phones and get a live feed from demonstrations. The greatest tool for live journalism is Instagram.

Keep Your Eyes Open
Remember when creating content think 3 dimensionally don’t target from a single point of view. Don’t just think left think how your cause will affect the right. You might be surprised that you could get the right fighting for a left issue just for other underlying issues. Remember, the Internet brings others closer and is one of the strongest tools for your digital activism to make a greater impact. Call to Action

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