Next generation marketing

Bridging Your Brand To The Next Generation

Next generation marketing

If you aren’t adapting your marketing platforms to reach the next gen then your brand just might fade with the old. Some of the platforms out there have the ability to help you bridge your brand to the next generation. Platforms such as Tumblr, Facebook groups and Google+ communities are social items that should be incorporated into next gen marketing strategies.

Tumblr is the top of the list for next generation bridging tool. Tumblr is a micro blogging site with a social networking twists that in recent headlines and according to the SEJ article by Albert Costill Tumblr is making some gains.

I want to make aware that the demographic that lands the Tumblr platform is younger and hits the ceiling with the millennial generation. If your company caters within this demographic and don’t have a Tumblr you should get to work and add this to your list of endless sites to take care of. There are actually many companies that thrive from this micro site such as Caca-Cola, Vans shoes, Stussy , Whole Foods and more.

The platform, when built properly is a perfect connector to the world’s future audience. Magazines such as Huffington Post, News week and Daily Beast are taking advantage of this platform because without the ability to reach more of millennial audience then their brand will eventually get snuffed out with the death of their old geriatric readers.

What the future of this audience wants is quick visual and content you can’t get anywhere else. They are connecting with a visual response and this is what the future of short attention search wants. I truly believe that looking for products that help bridge the demographic gap is highly important and essences from products like tumbler should be incorporated into onsite designs for websites.

Less people are using Facebook pages to keep up to date with individual companies. If you haven’t turned the notification on the business pages you have an affinity for then you probably don’t receive the content in your feed. The same demographic that uses Tumblr use Facebook more often but in the form of groups. They are attracted to the engagement. That hot rod group that your part of in Facebook is in fact owned by a major motor parts company injecting deals into the group and sending mass traffic back into the site.

Be aware and look for opportunity to help bridge your brand to the next generation or at least keep one foot in it.

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