Intel 510 6Gbps SSD

Were you just considering getting caught up and latching on to the latest SSD technology? As any SEO knows, crunching large sets of data is part of the job.

Annoyingly, getting useful information by processing data takes time, sometimes repeatedly, and all that work must be saved somewhere. As high-end users get multi-core CPUs in all our machines we start looking at other bottlenecks for further performance. This is where fast drives/storage solutions are a particularly interesting technology for someone in the SEO business.

I’ve been watching the prices on SSD drives fall from unacceptable levels down to “hey that’s not ridiculous” prices recently and it’s had my finger looming over the “buy now” button.

Today I see some press about the new Intel 510 series SATA 3.0 spec drives which is great. These drives can really pull off some impressive results:
Intel 510 SSD Specs

These figures easily best anything I’ve seen from consumer level RAID arrays, even ones using 10,000RPM ‘enthusiast drives’ like the WD Raptor series. While Intel is using their 34-nanometer, MLC NAND flash memory technology, the controller on the new drives is the Marvell 88SS9174-BKK2, which is new for Intel SSDs as previous designs stuck with Intel controllers for maximum performance/reliability.

Unlike most headlines, these drives are actually in the wild, and my local supplier has already had some stock come and go. Should you run out and buy one? Probably not.

A bit more looking reveals that the OCZ Vertex 3 6Gbps drives are showing up in local stock lists, and they are looking better in the early benchmarks that I have had a chance to review. Plus Crucial’s RealSSD SATA3 drives aren’t far behind either the Intel or OCZ drives for performance, they are in stock, and a few bucks cheaper!

Personally, I’d hold off for a bit and let the dust settle if you don’t “need” a drive today. However, if you must get something this minute, I’d either hunt around for some stock on the OCZ Vertex SATA3, or take a slight hit on performance and buy the Crucial RealSSD SATA3 that are available and cheaper.

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