Dana Donations

Dana Lookadoo As most of you will know, my #runfordana was a success bringing in over $4200. But of course, that’s not the end of the costs and challenges. Well Lisa Quaschnick had the great idea to setup a permanent donation page where people could subscribe monthly to help alleviate the burden of the ongoing costs. Since I already had the scripts setup I thought … “let’s do this”. And so this page was born. Here’s an update on Dana’s condition and why we’re doing this and some info on the donation process  …

Dana Lookadoo has experienced additional damage to her spinal cord after her bicycle accident. This has impaired her progress and resulted in increased burning pain and reduced mobility. Her medical and overhead expenses have increased, and she is no longer able to work. You can give a small amount on a monthly basis to help her and her husband cover costs. It will look as if you are donating to a merchant, Yo! Yo! SEO. Dana had to set up PayPal as a business account to make recurring donations work.

Dana wants me to express how much she appreciates Lisa Quashnick for this idea and the huge amount of support for this campaign to help through the Facebook group, Updates about Dana.  She has not been able to keep her blog updated, so please join the group if you want to further encourage and follow what we hope is more progress for Dana. There are two donation options below.  The first is a monthly donation option to help Dana and her husband deal with the monthly costs associated with the recovery process and right below that an option to offer a single donation. Thanks so much !!!

To keep everything in one place the donation page has been moved over to Dana’s own site thanks to Alan Bleiweiss taking on the task of dealing with that and so much more. To donate you need simply visit http://danalookadoo.com/personal/donations-dana-recovery/. Every dollar is appreciated.

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