SitePoint’s SEM Kit


It was a real honor, the day that I got offered the opportunity to write the updated version of SitePoint’s SEM Kit. Written first by SEO Dan Thies it was an absolute pleasure to edit and add to. Things had changed, that’s for sure but it was surprising to see how Dan’s keen insight was able to keep much of the content relevant despite the 2 years+ that had passed since the first version.

What do we cover?

Just about everything. In this book I let it all out of the bag including:

  • Learn best-practice strategies to maximize traffic.
  • Discover keyword strategies you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Find out the best ways to optimize pages and build links.
  • Avoid getting banned from search engines.
  • Create, optimize, and manage advanced pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Learn how to sell professional search engine marketing services.
  • Work around obstacles such as Flash, content management systems, and server issues.
  • Learn indeal site structure (tableless or table-based)
  • And much much more (the book is over 300 pages so I do mean MUCH MORE!

Comments From The Readers:

“I’ve bought a number of courses but I’d have to say that the SEM kit is by far the most complete course I’ve purchased to date. It covers not only the skills and technical information but also every aspect of the planning, interaction and product delivery to customers. If you are interested in providing SEO services and want to know how the professionals operate then this is probably everything you are going to need. Definitely my best purchase this year!”“Thanks for all the great work! This was just the jump-start that I was looking for: saved me months of online research. Thanks for all the case studies/practitioner insights, tool reviews and resources.”You’ve given me illuminating, up-to-date, authoritative content, in as much as a *single* printed edition about such a dynamic topic could. It is now my constant companion. Hey, it’s even literally strong enough to hit intractable clients over the head with when persuasion fails 😉


Get The First Chapter Free !

Click here to download a free chapter from the SEM Kit and decide for yourself. Your feedback is always appreciated. If you’ve already downloaded the free chapter or you already know you want it then you can buy it off the SitePoint site. (link removed as the book is no longer available)

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