Searching for love with Google

In my years on-line (wow I’m old!) I’ve searched for some really strange things but never have I used Google to find the answers to matters of the heart, that’s just kooky. It’s actually as kooky as Google’s Valentines day video/doodle:
[jwplayer mediaid=”3366″]

I mean really, milk and cookies? Those two can’t stay together for more than 5 mins without ruining each other. Who is Google kidding?

The one thing that strikes me about this is that Google couldn’t even demo some search queries for finding Valentines gifts, and had to just show some random pixels on the screen?

Giving this a try on my own I suddenly see the problem, a Google search for the phrase, “a gift for the girl who has everything except me”, really doesn’t match anything. 🙂

So Google’s not cupid, and the video’s a bit stupid.. but there’s something about that doodle:
Aha! I’ve got it! The gay couple and the astronaut aren’t playing skip rope! That’s blasphemy! Someone call Google and get someone in charge on the phone!

It’s amazing that Google managed to toss that out without more ‘conversation’, I did get a kick out of articles like this blasphemy peice on WatchPlayRead’s blog.

Okay so it was a dry day for search engine optimization, but even nerds got into the spirit of the holiday. Speaking of nerdy, we have another macro image for anyone who wants to guess.
(Remember, we’re going to give credit to the winner right here on the blog, and on our social media accounts, so it’s a good ‘mention’ for the winning guess.
Try and guess as close as possible what this is

February Macro 3 – If you think you know what this is, or where this is, send us your best guess via Twitter or G+

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