It’s Hard To Do The Right Thing

For anyone who’s ever found themselves blocked while trying to do the right thing, this post is for you.

Some time ago we were contacted by a company (Eyewear Pros to be specific) that wanted to make a donation to charity.  Now that doesn’t sound hard and I suppose it’s not but there was a twist, the owner of the business is passionate about the need for glasses – especially to those less fortunate and so he asked us to help him setup a campaign in which he would make a donation to New Eyes For The Needy for each pair of glasses he sold off his website.  The folks at the charity were easy to work with and that side of things worked itself out very quickly.  But he wanted to take it further, he didn’t want to simply give money to the charity, he wanted them to end up with more glasses to distribute and so on top of the donation he offered to pay the shipping for his customers to send their old glasses.  In fact, to incentivize people further – he wanted to offer an additional donation based on the number of pairs sent in.

Once again we found the folks at New Eyes For The Needy to be easy to work with, the problem arose when we contacted both USPS and to try to arrange some type of pre-paid shipping solution.  We’ve all had envelopes sent to us with pre-paid postage so this has to be easy right?  Wrong.

After weeks of communication with both companies we are still unable to provide any type of acceptable solution.  the best we’ve got so far is a choice between either:

  1. Send full shipping to every client and simply hope they use it to ship their glasses, or
  2. Send them an unpaid shipping label and not cover the costs

Can you see the problem?  We know it must be possible but there’s no clear solution that anyone we’ve talked at either company to can provide.

If any of our valued readers know of a solution or a company that we should talk to, your input would be greatly appreciated.  It’s frustrating when you have a client who’s trying hard to do the right thing and can’t, especially when you regularly get pre-paid envelops included with mailings and are doing exactly what you’re trying to.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

And because our client is so passionate about the charity, here’s a bit more information on it:

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