Beanstalk corporate certificate. October 29, 2004.

Happy Birthday Beanstalk

Beanstalk corporate certificate. October 29, 2004.
Hard to believe that Beanstalk is ten years old. It all began with a $200 computer, a single monitor and a giant plastic beanstalk in New York’s Time square. Since 2004 Beanstalk has grown from a two person husband and wife team to a bustling downtown multimedia office. In this time they have managed to outsmart the continuing evolution of search engines and give clients the ability to maintain a strong position in search.

Beanstalk has grown to rise above the clouds and have taken many of their clients with them. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve seen this husband wife dynamic duo take their clients and help them sort out the virtual clutter. Not only has this influence inspired their clients but others within the industry.

As a company grows and evolves so do the strategies. What’s interesting is that when you look back at many of the articles it reflects the change within the industry and search. Listed below are some of the articles from 2004 to present.

Climbing the Beanstalk

December 14, 2004
This article shows Google at its weakest moments where Microsoft could have taken a lead. It also shows a look into an early toolbox for link building. A perfect read for throwback Thursday.

Jacks House

December 27, 2005
This year end article displays the top three giants of 2005. Google positioned as it is at numbered one but with a little snicker it reads Yahoo at number 2 only if Marissa Mayer could see into the future back then.

The Crystal Ball

2006-2007 Dave looks into the crystal ball at what will the next big changes for the industry will be. Did BJ and Tyler win season 11 of the Amazing Race?

2008 Google begins to release the hounds’ and more black hats begin to scatter.

2009 No Need For Coffee – Caffeine Is Here. No mention about a panda Hummingbird or penguin. Was Google trying to be a little gentler with their roll out from the Florida update?

2010 Let the Chaos Begin.. There seems to be a disturbance in the force. Signals and indexes seem to be jumping but the great news is we won an award

2011 Let the panda roar as it digs its teeth into content and companies begin to be on edge. Google + opens it’s arms without invitation

2012 Social platforms begin to make a stronger presence and Google’s author rank is suspect to be bigger than Panda and Penguin combined.

2013 Dave gets into a head on collision with George Takei and gets banned from his page.

2014 The Beanstalk team has gained rein of the Google beasts bringing another successful year. It’s the year we turn a decade old. Looking back at some of the old strategy reminded us to not drop every tool in the book while using them accordingly. With a new year ahead of us we begin fresh with a vibrant new website and new tactics that are showing results. Congratulations Dave and Mary your hard work and inspiring dedication to the industry. Glasses raised to another successful ten years of climbing the beanstalk.

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