Finally something to Yahoo! about.

Yahoo!-Firefox Deal Hurts Google

Finally something to Yahoo! about.

Back on December 4th my Webmaster Radio co-host Jim Hedger and I were discussing on the show the move by Mozilla to set Yahoo! as the default search engine, replacing Google.  At that time the deal was only a couple weeks old and the stats on it’s effect were inconclusive.  After all, at the time people would have just been getting used to it and setting their defaults back to Google.  Well, enough time has passed now and stats are out on general marketshare changes not just Firefox changes and the news doesn’t favor Google.

While engine marketshare fluctuates, Google hasn’t lost this much since 2009 with a 4.1% decline.  That’s big.  Now, that said it’s important to put this into context.  This 4.1% loss leaves them with … waitforit … 75.2%.

I’m seeing articles with titles like, “Google’s Search Dominance Is Eroding” and, “Google Is Losing Its Grip On Search”.  Let me repeat again … seventy-five point two percent.  More than three of every four searches conducted is still completed accessing Google’s search results.

Is this a huge hit for Google?  Probably not huge but we won’t really know until January 29th when the Q4 earnings reports come out.  But I can see the future (it’s a handy skill as an SEO) and here’s what I see, Google made money in Q4 and saw growth over their Q4 earnings in 2013.  Their dip in share prices today will recover slightly and the world will continue on.

Worth noting, while search is important, Google is currently pursuing initiatives far outside the search realm in robotics, home automation, wearables, self-driving cars and so much more.  The fact is, while they’ve lost about 4% in search their reach continues to grow incredibly fast.  And that’s what I’m waiting for the Q4 results to come in and more … that’s what I’m excited to see the 2018 Q4 earnings report for.


  1. Terrance says:

    To me this is a major blow to GOOGLE, but keep in mind Google is always one step ahead of the competition. There probably working on a way to change how we search for criteria on the web. Its like Sprint and Verizon, the Sprint network is always trying to catch up with Verizon, but Verizon always stays ahead of the competition.

  2. Dave Davies says:

    Good point Terrance. 🙂

    I have a hunch we’re not seeing the downfall of Google just yet. 😉