This Week in Search News

This Week in Search: November 24-28, 2014

This Week in Search News

Penguin 3.1 Released Over Thanksgiving Holiday?

Barry Schwwartz has reported earlier today that many of the search forums are buzzing over news that Google may have launched a Penguin refresh over the Thanksgiving Holiday. While it has yet to be confirmed by Google, some webmasters who had reported been affected by Penguin 3.0 are seeing some measure of recovery. Stay tuned for more news


Googles Search Deal with Apple Is Expiring

As reported by, Googles search deal with Apple will be expiring in 2015. There’s been much speculation about heavy competition from both Microsoft and Yahoo. Both companies are rumored to be aggressively pitching Apple, but Apple’s Eddie cue has stated the decision will be made based on the “quality of the product as much as the potential money made from search ads.”


Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Again

Anyone who’s been trying to access a large variety of news outlets in the US, UK and Canada, may have had a few difficulties. Many large publications, including The Independent, CBC, The New York Times and more, have been under attack from the hacker group, who claim dissatisfaction over how the Middle East is portrayed in western media.


Google Faces More European Union Troubles

This week, the European Parliament has stated they intend to draft a proposal that would force Google to break up into smaller division or separate companies. While most weren’t expecting any news till next week, The EU voted on Thanksgiving Day. The vote was approved 384 in favor and 174 against with 56 abstentions. However, it’s been reported that it’s a non-binding vote with very little legal force behind it.


Google May not be Crawling Your Tabbed or Expandable Content

As reported earlier this week, Google’s John Mueller has stated that if you want to be assured your page content is being indexed, you may not want to use common user experience features such as tabbed or expandable content boxes. John’s quoted as saying

“I’d recommend not using hidden text to hide keywords on a page. If something is relevant to the page, then it’s probably relevant to the user too, so I’d recommend showing it to the user.”



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