Syrian Electronic Army Is Back On The Hack


The SEA is at it again hacking several sites who use the Gigya comment platform. The Independent , OK Magazine and the NHL were just a few who were hit by the notorious hacker group. Although the Gigya platform wasn’t directly hacked their DNS entry at GODaddy was. They were able to send instructions to redirect messages or images to other websites. What would then show up on those affected websites was a message saying “You’ve been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army,” or the SEA crest image as shown above.

According to the Independent both Gigya and Go Daddy have worked to fix the issue they both are certain no data has been compromised. Both companies are confident that the hack served other java script files instead of those from Gigya.

The SEA primarily targets political groups, news and human rights websites. An Article from VICE magazine mentioned from an interview in 2013 that the Hackers are doing this because they feel misrepresented by Western Propaganda. There is absolutely no speculation for an end to this cyber war but acts of more aggressive hacks in the future.

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