Top SEO News From Around The Web: Sept 15-19

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New Android and Apple operating systems to be encrypted by default

In light of recent privacy issues both Apple and Google have announce this week that they will introduce default encryption on the next versions of their operating systems.

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Android Browser bug exposes half of users to potential malware attacks

Reported on Sept 1st a security flaw in the open-source Android Browser has open users to potential JavaScript exploits, this flaw is expected to 40-50% of Android users.

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Microsoft to acquire Minecraft developer Mojang

After turning down previous offers from both Electronic Arts and Blizzard Entertainment, Markus “Notch” Persson sells Mojang to Microsoft for 2.5 Billion.

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Germany asks Google to publish search algorithm

In a call for transparency, German justice minister Heiko Maas orders Google to publish its search engine algorithm.

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Microsoft’s Bing correctly predicts Scotland’s referendum results

Using web and social trend data, Bing correctly calls Scotland’s “No” vote 3 days before the election.

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Google to publish Android developer addresses in Play Store

Google is set to provide more third-party developer information to its users, by asking developers to provide a physical address to their account profiles.

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Google to test internet providing drones starting in October

Google filed a FCC request to carry out tests on low-orbital communication drones starting in early October.  Earlier this year Google acquired Titan Aerospace, who had be developing high altitude, solar powered drones that can stay aloft for up to five years.

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Google patents the ability to use your TV in their algorithm

And there may be even more for Germany to sort through as a Google has just granted a patent to use your television habits to augment your search results.  “but what if I’m not watching TV on my phone?” you may well ask.  That’s OK, that’s what the microphone on your Android device is for.

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