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SEO News for Oct 27-Oct 31

SEO News

Duane Forrester Leaving Bing

After almost four years Duane Forrester, senior product manager and webmaster ambassador for Bing, will be leaving Microsoft as a result of its recent round of layoffs


Google’s Larry Page Hands Over Leadership Roles to Sundar Pichai

Larry Page transferred the leadership roles of Google’s Search, Google+ and Ad Product divisions to Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai in an effort to delegate day to day operations and allow Page to focus on the ” bigger picture”


Google Pirate Hits Major Torrent Sites, Boosting Visibility of Smaller Players

Last week’s update of Pirate had the unexpected side-effect of increasing visibility for smaller torrent sites. Google’s anti-piracy filter made landfall last week making significant ranking hits to major pirate sites like and, but it appears smaller sites have rush in to fill up the results pages.


Webmaster Tools adds Mobile Usability Feature

Googles Webmaster Tools has added new features concentrating on user’s mobile experiences, Google has been suggesting that mobile experience will play an increasing factor in its ranking scheme.


Bing Now Allowing Emojis in Search

In response to increasing mobile search Bing announced this Monday that its search engine will accept emojis in their search terms.


Google updates adds new features to My Business and Adwords Express App

The new upgrades allowed My Business Users to receive Google review alerts to help business monitor their reputation online in real time.


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