Return of the Panda

There appears to be speculation that there is another Google Update underway. Several reports from webmasters in a Webmaster World thread have stated that they are seeing some significant changes in the Google SERPs.

Often in isolated reports like this, it is usually the result of specific tests being run on isolated data centers. However, it looks that this is more widespread, leading many to speculate as to whether or not this is an update to the Panda-Farmer algorithm update.

It may be a case of shell-shocked webmasters jumping the gun and being overly paranoid due to the last update that cause massive ranking fluctuations for many sites across the board. In any case, the reports coming in are preliminary.

Have you notice any strange shifts in the Google search results over the last 24-48 hours? Beanstalk would like to know. Please drop a comment or send an email to: telling us what you have noticed.

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