The Final Nail For Toolbar PageRank

For years there has been confusion over the value of the little green bar called PageRank.  We’ve been consistently told that it holds no value but yet the fine folks at Google kept updating it.  This of course led to mixed-signals.  Why tell us something holds no value and then update it?  Well finally that conflict is coming to an end.

In a recent video Google’s John Mueller said, “We will probably not going to be updating it going forward, at least in the Toolbar “probably” I do have to like the statement, if they say it shouldn’t be a focus or even considered, then don’t provide it as a metric.  Given that SEO’s as a whole can’t help themselves but to draw on any metric available, especially one from Google themselves, if you don’t want us to consider it … don’t provide it.

If you’d like to hear it from the horses mouth it comes in at about the 20:30 mark in the following video:

So what does this means for link building?

Essentially it forces us to focus on what we should be focusing on … relevancy.  The work just got “harder” in that we all now need to look at a prospective link source and evaluate it based on how relevant it is and perhaps look at it’s backlinks to determine if it’s trustable by sites we’d want to be associated with.  Perhaps a question might be, “Might I get traffic from this site?”  If the answer is “yes” then it’s almost certainly a good link source.

He’s a point to remember: it’s a level playing field.  When a metric gets pulled (remember keywords?) it gets pulled for everyone so rather than viewing this as a negative, I’m preferring to view it as an opportunity.  As long as we use good judgement in a world without a toolbar to lean on … we’ll come out on top.

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