New Conceited Search: Gmail in Google Web Search

Simon Cowell

I get plenty of me time doing my hair in the mirror each morning and seeing myself in store windows on the walk to work. I really cannot think of any good examples of a web search that would be better with my emails included in the results?

That isn’t stopping Google from offering this new search service to the first 1 million users that opt-in.

Here’s the link to the Gmail search field trial experiment.

Even the sample image from the Google signup page has a potential gaffe :
Gmail search example
What if I was going to Tahoe for some biking to forget that Jenny broke up with me to date Jeff Teele (my ex-bike buddy) and totally forgot she spent a summer biking in Tahoe?

And that guide from Media temple? That’s one of a few spams, year after year, again and again, that GMail can’t seem to figure out!! Way to remind me at the worst moment Google!

Actually I suppose if I was searching for a solution I’d talked about in email, forgot I’d emailed about the solution, and then did a web search looking for the solution I’d already talked about, then I might appreciate Google showing me some old email in a web search.

Not to over-use HIMYM sayings, but that would be a long walk for a short drink of water.

I tried to come up with some worse examples, like accidentally sending someone a LMGTFY link for something like “fighting” and it loads up a ton of emails you should have deleted?

Nope LMGTFY actually adds the “&pws=0” search parameter to the Google URL and this would obviously deter Google from including Gmail in the SERPS. At least one would hope they were that wise.

I’m still waiting for my request to be approved so I can offer more than some personal perspective and conjecture.

In the mean time I might want to delete some mail I’ve been trying to forget and reconsider all the keywords I send in my emails? Hmm..

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