Negative Retaurant Review Results In Hefty Fine


Recently there’s been a substantial amount of buzz over French blogger Caroline Doudet; whose negative review of the restaurant Il Giardino, located in Cap Ferret, France, has resulted in a 1500 euro ($2,040 USD) fine.

Although there have been increasing reports of legal action against individuals creating false reviews, this is not the case with Doudet, who legitimately reported on her experience at Il Giardino. The problem? Doudet’s poor review of the restaurant was fairly well ranked for the restaurant name.

The owner of Il Giardino was quoted as saying the review was unfairly hurting business. Even though he felt the service may not have been up to par, he felt the negative review was unacceptable.

While Doudet may have been silenced, there have been many that have posted to the Il Giardino Google+ page giving the restaurant a negative review simply based on the court ruling. While that’s not entirely fair- neither is the ruling. How long before Google is asked to remove the negative review count on G+I wonder…

NOTE: This post was written on Monday July 21, 2014. At that time our blog was experiencing some technical difficulties and we were unable to post it. Since that time, it appears the G+ profile for Il Giardino (Link removed – no longer available) is no longer available.

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