LiquidSpace is a silly name, but a good idea!

This app almost flew right under my radar. The original press release this morning was so crammed with puffery and pretense that I chocked on the first few sentences. However I pushed through to the meat of the article and I’m glad I did.

Every day we see search solutions that bridge the gap between Google and the niche searches that aren’t properly serviced yet. If you’ve ever been out of town on business, or across town on business, and needed a spot to work from, you and I have something in common. I’ve personally gone wardriving looking for accessible WiFi to use from the car while waiting for my next task. Working from the car is not particularly effective as there’s people walking around, cars going by, and you can’t go five minutes without needing to adjust the temperature. Wandering into the nearest coffee shop isn’t much better. Have you tried to focus on a project from an oversized leather chair with people chattering all around you? Lets just say that you get what you paid for with free work spaces.

Enter LiquidSpace, an application that uses your current location to assist you in finding some temporary workspace.

“The beautifully designed app lets you browse nearby spaces, read reviews, prices and reserve. Then use the app to arrange meetings, send invites or just show up, check-in and work. Workspaces can vary from pay by the hour conference rooms, empty desks in corporate offices, a swanky boardroom around the corner, a hip co-working space in Union Square to a boat deck with WiFi in the bay. The time and price structure will be pre-determined by the venue and all payments will be easy to handle within the app.”

Obviously this is a huge win-win for both mobile office types and business owners who are WiFi enabled and have temporary spaces they could rent out. Even our office has areas we could register with the software and start offering up.

The software developers are planning a huge event for the release of the software in a few days including a WiFi enabled bus with seats for rent that roams all over downtown Austin.

Would you rent a quiet spot with reliable power/internet for 2hours for a buck or so? Do you have space in a busy part of town that could be rented? My answer is yes to both!

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