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In the News: Week of June 15th

Google Updating Core Algorithm Shortly

Is it a bird? Is it a bear? No it’s another core algorithm update, Google confirmed earlier this week that a new update would be rolling out shorty wasn’t related to any of its named search algorithms, but rather an update to its core search. Updates to the core algorithm aren’t uncommon, and Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land suspects the update may come after Wikipedia, usually one of the top results in any search, switched over HTTPS

Bing to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default

In blog posted this Monday Duane Forrester, Bing’s Senior Product Manager announced that Microsoft’s search engine will be encrypting it’s users search queries by default starting this summer. The change will removed the query terms from their Search Query Terms Report, marketers and webmaster using Bing and it’s paid search function will still get the rest of the data provided before the change.

Google Rolls Out Major Update to Google Trends

Yesterday Google released a major update to its Google Trends offering, including pulling data from YouTube and Google News in real-time to refine what it sees as trending topics.

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