Google Mobile Algorithm

Google Testing Mobile Algorithm

Google Mobile Algorithm

The writing’s been on the wall for a while, Google cares about mobile and we knew eventually they would create a unique algorithm for it. First, let’s answer how we knew:

One –  it just makes sense.  A site with a good experience on the desktop may not offer the same to it’s mobile users.  Google would still want to rank said site on desktop search but obviously not on mobile.

And two –  for those watching what Google has been up to in the mobile search space it’s pretty obvious that they were going to give it an adjusted algorithm.  From the addition of the “Mobile-friendly” text before the search results of sites that offered a good mobile experience in November to the displaying of mobile and desktop separately in PageSpeed Insights and much more it was clear Google knew that user experiences would vary and that they were putting energies into giving webmasters tools to improve their mobile experience.

So I wasn’t surprised this morning when I read a post by Alex Graves over on discussing the latest reported fluctuations on Google.  In the post Alex discusses some evidence supporting the notion that Google is rolling out a mobile-specific algorithm.  I won’t get into all the points he makes (I do highly recommend to read the post for yourself) save-to-say that it does look correct and the evidence is compelling.  I expect that we’ll hear from Google on the matter within the next couple days.

So … if you haven’t been listening to that nagging voice that keeps telling you mobile is important (and if you’re one of our clients without a mobile site that nagging voice is probably me)  you now officially can’t delay any longer.  It’s no longer a case of visitors not enjoying it or even clickthroughs dropping with the “Mobile-friendly” announcement.  Now you may well just not show up in mobile search at all if you don’t have a mobile site.


  1. John Lynn says:

    What I don’t understand in this discussion is why Google would remove you from search results if someone is searching on a desktop. Google knows that you’re on the desktop, so who cares if you have a mobile optimized website in that case? Sure, that cuts out the mobile traffic for you, but in some niches that’s negligible.

  2. Dave Davies says:

    Hey John.

    Sorry – I have to go back and clarify the point in the post when I have a moment. You’re question is spot on and it doesn’t look like there’ll be a devaluation on desktop, the mobile algorithm is to devalue non-mobile friendly sites on mobile search and come us with metrics for grading the remaining sites.

    So you’re right, you’ll still do OK on the desktop.

    And thanks for bringing to my attention that it didn’t come across that way.