Google Joins Fight Against the Ebola Outbreak With Public Fund Raising Campaign

Today Larry Page announced Google’s new fundraising campaign in support of organizations fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Along with a $10 million corporate donation, the search engine giant will also double down on matching donations, giving $2 for every dollar given by the public. Proceeds will go to several non-profit organizations such as InSTEDD, International Rescue Committee and Medecins San Frontiers, currently on the ground in Africa working to contain the virus. Like Facebook, the company has also added donation bar to the top of their home page.

Larry Page also stated that his Family Foundation will also donate an addition $15 million; a similar donation was made by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who pledged $25 million to help combat the epidemic.

In an attempt to further educate the public on the virus, Google has also added a new knowledge graph to the results page when searching for information on Ebola, giving a “need to Know” summary about the disease and links to the Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organization pages reporting on the outbreak.

Sources: Search Engine Land and Star Tribune

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