Google+ is now Public (No invites needed)

I *was* working on another story when I saw this on the Google search page:

Google opens Google+ to uninvited users

We had talked about sneaky ways to get into Google+ in previous posts like this one:

Google+ Free For All
Google+ Free For All

However this time Google actually wants users to flood on in without any invites, they are ready for it now, and none of your friends will have a problem signing up.

Heck now that no invite is needed, and no sneaking required, perhaps we’ll get more of those elite types that won’t accept anyone doing them a favor and wouldn’t signup to the Google+ system before?

That’s it, not a long post, but if someone gets a lead on how we can edit the “utm_source” to get credit for referrals, please do drop us a line? 🙂

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