Systems, methods and apparatus for encouraging energy conscious behavior based on aggregated third party energy consumption

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Systems, methods and apparatus for encouraging energy conscious behavior based on aggregated third party energy consumption

As we approach the holidays the news starts to get a little thin with the folks at Google all settled in for a long winter’s night while visions of tormented SEOs dance in their heads.  Fortunately this doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening work mentioning here in our blog and today we get to talk about Google’s steady march into controlling all you are and all you do.  Of course the bigger question to that is, is that even a bad thing?  We all have to decide that for ourselves and what we’re willing to give up for our privacy.  But today’s post isn’t about privacy, it’s about patents, prerogatives and cool inventions.

Crossing my radar today were two very interesting developments out of Google that tie closely together.  They are:

A Google Patent

I stumbled on Google patent 20140371922 (SYSTEMS, METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING AND MANAGING DEVICE-LEVEL ENERGY CONSUMPTION IN A SMART-HOME ENVIRONMENT) and it got me thinking – with the Nest acquisition and various purchases of robotics companies and wearable devices, this patent and others like it show a clear direction – Google wants to control your home.  They want the data you will exchange for convenience and what’s more … it will be more convenient.  Remember The Jetsons?  Like that.

In this case the patent is about energy conservation, a necessary consideration for wearable and/or remote devices.

A Finished Car

Google today announced that they have finished their first complete prototype of their Google Car and that’s it’s fully functional.  They have also announced however that they are not looking to get into the automotive industry and are looking to partner with vehicle manufacturers in my the same way as they took on the mobile OS environment.  they can give away the technology and OS in exchange for the data they’ll be collecting and the ability to advertise to you in a vehicle you’re trapped in with no need to pay attention to the road.  Not a bad deal.

What We Can See Here …

is a furthering of Google’s intended reach into the unreachable areas of your life in exchange for massive conveniences.  While the privacy side of my brain wants to revolt, the part of me that watches Star Trek and now understands that the computer powering it all doesn’t exist unless either we decide we don’t want money (not much of a chance of that) or unless it can sell advertising.  A more realistic exchange with Google Enterprise would be:

Captain Picard: Computer, cancel self destruct.
Computer: What is your authorization code?  Self-destruction in 30 seconds.Captain Picard: Picard, authorization Alpha-Alpha-3-0-5
Computer: Authorization confirmed.  Self destruct will cancel after this brief ad.  You may skip the ad in 30 seconds.

Maybe they’re shrink it to 5 seconds in emergencies. 😉

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