Google Got Penalized

Man showing tongue and loser sign

Yup, that’s right Google is getting penalized. The retaliators aren’t naming their penalty after cute little mammals  but instead just flipping the bird.

It’s a fair game but I feel for Google. They just want the internet clean, happy cute and cuddly. I’m sure their intentions of penalizing these massive companies was a gesture of saying that the Google world is fair and what affects David will affect Goliath too.

I’m sure Google was aware that making such a strong decision against internets giants was going to be risky to Googles longevity. I’m sure enough this strong stance from Ebay, Amazon or even Firefox would even dent Googles future.

The internet needed a good shaking up and I honestly don’t get all this pouting from companies and their sad sob stories of how their rankings are falling. If the state of economy is evolving then so should you and your firm.

We never thought that Trekian (Star Trek) technology would catch up but it did and we have Mobile. Who would have ever thought that the general public would outgrow badly written content but they are. People are naturally social and that’s not going anywhere so get used to Facebook sticking around. Learn to reach out and be part of the community. This is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg says and I very much agree with him. ch engines aren’t the only ones with algorithms people do too. Time to place that physiology cap on.

So get off the mope boat put some oil in those gears and begin to adapt to these changes. If life was simple and you received everything when you had to have it then your actual chance of survival in the real world would be absolutely not possiable. Food for thought.


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