Get your Google Mobile Algorithm On Says Barry Schwartz


I rarely touch my desktop anymore outside of work. I primarily use my mobile phone and tablet to do any search. If I’ve been at my desk all day, why would I want to do more desk sitting on my casual time.
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed lately that the Google search results are  different on your mobile device than they are on your desk top. Many of my client’s traffic are coming from mobile and steadily growing monthly. Google has been warning sites to get mobile friendly for some time. Now, sites who have implemented a mobile are seeing ranking benefits.
Not only are websites getting kudos but blog content from mobile friendly sites are seeing boosts to page rankings and news. What’s interesting is that I’ve seen websites that don’t have a massive external link structure have page rank authority. Many are saying that a combination of mobile and a few other things are getting that content ranked better than major publications.

Mr. Barry Schwartz has said in his Search Engine Land news flash that Google will be labeling your site on the rankings as mobile friendly on April 15th 2015. Go and make sure your site is mobile friendly and fix it. Learn more from Google here.

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